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Missed call from potential employer?

What to do if you missed a call from an employer.

Missed a call from an employerQ: Crystal
I just had a pre-employment assessment test on Monday, and late in the afternoon yesterday, someone from the company called me and I missed it. By the time I realized, it was too late in the evening. I called again this morning and left a message because they were busy/out of the office. If they don’t call me back, when is it appropriate to give them a call again? Later in the afternoon today, or tomorrow morning perhaps? What happens if they are not in the office later, should I leave a message again or not? I don’t want to pester them too much…

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Did the person leave their name? If so,  call through the company switchboard, employees tend to take calls that are transferred internally

Things to remember:
There may be a company operator. If that person asks the nature of your call, say you are returning an urgent call from X regarding your employment status.

Once you get the person on the phone and have said Hello X add:  Sorry I missed your call yesterday, I am very interested in the job so I am very pleased I am able to reach you.

On your next call please say (slowly) your email address if you have one, thus giving them another option to reach you.

Lastly go to the company’s Contact Us page on their web site, sent the person an email, state in the email,  that the email is for X manager. Tech support will forward it and they will read an email tech support.

A good rule of thumb is call around 4:20 – 5:00PM many managers are likely at their desk tiding up for end of day

Continued success in you job search…

Source(s): Yahoo Answers – MyNEXXTJob.net

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PNC’s Lambda Pi Eta’s Communication Honor Society is hosting Communication Meet and Greet

ATTENTION ALL COMMUNICATION MAJORS: A perfect opportunity to find your ideal career!

Re-Posted Article By: Stephanie Duff, PNN Staff March 12, 2012   Re-posted from pncactivities.com

attend the communications major meet and greet at PNCAs PNC students’ with majors in communications are working their way towards the completion of the Spring 2012 semester, the search for perspective job opportunities and/or internships is becoming more and more of an importance. Well here is your chance communications major!

PNC’s Lambda Pi Eta’s Communication Honor Society is hosting Communication Meet and Greet on April 11, 2012 in LSF 144 from 10am-1pm.

This event allows communication students on campus to understand the possible options in successfully utilizing their degree from the perspective of potential employers in the surrounding area. These employers will be showcasing their businesses and discussing possible employment expectations as they relate to a PNC communication major entering the work force.

Communication students will be able to meet potential employers and explore internship opportunities!

The benefits of the Communication Meet and Greet event will include gaining valuable information for the various industries and businesses associated with their communication degree. Moreover, this will be a professional setting where students have a chance to becoming better acquainted about more local businesses while understanding how to adapt their career goals.

“What jobs will I be awesome at with a communication degree??”

“How can I find professional advice from communication pros??”

These questions often come into mind when the hunt begins to find a career after college; the Communication Meet and Greet is a rare and exceptional solution to these common concerns!

If you would like more information about this event feel free to contact Amy Kanyer, President of Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society, by email: akanyer@pnc.edu

The event is also open for additional employers to join the event; if you are included in or know of any professional businesses that would be a fit to the event please contact the above contact, or reach a member at the Panther News Network!

Article Reposted from the PNC website:ATTENTION ALL COMMUNICATION MAJORS: A perfect opportunity to find your ideal career! Stephanie Duff, PNN Staff March 12, 2012   Filed under Announcements, Campus and Local, News, Newsletter, Newsletter, Top Stories

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How to Foster Innovation Through Diverse Workgroups.


Diverse teams can produce better results for your company. Here’s how to incorporate diversity—and individuality—to create a more innovative business.

The working theory proposed that people from diverse backgrounds, be it race, age, gender, or geography, could approach a problem from different viewpoints, and, armed with a collective range of knowledge and experience, produce a better finished product. The theory also postulated that in order to overcome the differences in background, employees should downplay their personal identities in order to align themselves with the goals of the “team.”

Swann found that only partly true.

According to Swann, groups with members who “externalized their personal identities” (i.e. students who expressed individuality) were more successful than groups with members who tended to downplay their personalities. In essence, Swann found that diversity did indeed foster innovation—but only if that diversity was embraced by the group.

“Our research indicates that expressing personal identities in groups seems to have beneficial effects because those who express themselves are more likely to feel known and understood, because they actually are better known and understood,” Swann says. “Feeling known and understood causes people to open up, which can foster creative solutions to problems confronting the group.”
Read Entire Article: How to Foster Innovation Through Diverse Workgroups

By Eric Markowitz |  @EricMarkowitz   | Jan 28, 2011

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How to Promote From Within


How to Promote From Within

Establish a company culture that nurtures talent and promotes high-performing employees on the basis of merit.
By Lauren Cannon |  @laurenthedark   | Dec 14, 2010

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Are you planning to attend College Career Fairs to find a new job?

College Career Fairs are a great way to meet a number of hiring managers.  Are you using College Career Services or Career Fairs to find a new job?

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Career Oriented Gift Certificates

Career Gift Certificates Some gifts have real staying power.

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