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Cover Letter writing a how to:



One of the more important things in cover letter writing is the look/presentation of the letter itself.

Even if your cover letter is well written, it can become miss-aligned when emailed or by the job board if it it over formatted or too long.

Here are some guidelines to help your cover letter look good and be full of job related info!

Length of cover letter:
No less than ten lines. A cover letter is similar to the back cover or maybe the preface to a book, it informs the read as to what they can expect in the book and should leave enough mystery to interest the reader to go on to the resume …

Your intro paragraph:
Four of the ten lines should be your intro, take your lead from the job description itself especially the responsibility description.

The middle skills section:
The skills section should include two to four bullets, use dashes sometimes round or square bullets are converted to strange items by some resume inhalers.
Info for the bullets should come from the skills section of the job description choose four of the skills you have that are similar to the skills you have

Use the last three lines to close – reiterate your interest in the job, state that you are available to speak with the Human resources person at a particular time, please include telephone and email again.

Don’t forget to use paragraphs.

Your question suggests great energy and a real interest in obtaining the job, so here’s wishing you the very best as you pursue this job opportunity.

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